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Tia Wood 

"Tia Wood Is the Cree and Salish Singer Fusing Music and Style" 

Vogue Magazine-

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Tia Wood is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. She appeared on Tik Tok during the pandemic and gained an enormous audience for the trend of “Indigenizing” sounds, comedy and duets. Now, 3% of North America follows her on social media and are keen to support her first pop-album (estimated 2023 release). Audiences will hear unreleased music that is making ripples everywhere it lands. 


At a young age, Tia Wood (23) was a seasoned entertainer having toured the pow wow trail extensively with her family (many of whom are members of Grammy Award-winning group, Northern Cree). Tia grew up surrounded by educators, activists and artists. Her sister is Juno-Award winning, Fawn Wood, her mom a revered knowledge keeper and a father who famously announces Hockey Night in Canada in Cree. 

Tia has an iconic sound and look that reflects a growing cultural awareness and shift in mainstream media. She is singing the anthem for a generation of connected and reconnecting Indigenous voices. She is predicted to become one of the biggest cross-over Indigenous pop-stars of our time. 

With songs like "Dirt Roads", Tia is stringing timeless sounds with modern realities and carving a new vision for Indigenous youth and romantics alike. 

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